John Shook

J ShookThe combination of John Shook’s natural and hard earned talents in leadership and the training of others has been benefiting others since high school. Entering the US Navy in 1986 he was meritoriously advanced three times achieving the rank of E-5 in less than 4 years. He continued in position of trainer in the civilian world. In business he traveled the country starting in 1993 training employees for non-profit organizations. That job led him to pursue free-lance consulting that included the hiring and training of advertising, auto, and restaurant sales staff. The free-lance work quickly exceeded the job and led to a profitable full time consulting business for John all before his 30th year. In 2000, John decided to invest his gains in real estate. This led to seeing a great need and opportunity to train real estate professionals while investing.138_Shook_s_business_photo_web_sized
John has used his favorite study of personality profiling and motivation techniques to lead and inspire sales teams, entrepreneurs and networking groups while closing hundreds of real estate transactions all across north Florida. These days you can find John selling real estate as an independent broker or watch and learn from his educational moments at the A-Team networking group. Answer Marketing has enjoyed partnering with the energetic value that John Shook brings each and every time he gets in front of others.

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