Answer Marketing currently employs an amazing staff of professionals, contractors and the occasional intern. If you are interested in working with a business acceleration firm that is making it happen please check out our Team page.


Answer Marketing internships provide real work projects and responsibilities that build practical experience and develop professional skills. Interns are integral members of department teams and are charged to uphold the organization’s work standards, ethics, and policies.

Fall/Winter/Spring (non-paid and commission) internships are tailored to an intern’s specific college degree, interests, hours, and duration. By joining AMI’s team you will assist in the work required to support client needs, presentation, creation, education, professional networks, community relations, media relations, county membership responsibilities as well as assisting with non-traditional marketing techniques we use at Bay County’s one-of-a-kind, unique business acceleration firm.

Summer (non-paid and commission) internships are not currently offered.

All internships offer invaluable training, community job possibilities and mentorship towards your professional career in any or all of the following: media, marketing, advertising, design, public relations and business management.

We are looking for candidates that are pursuing a career in our industry.  If selected you will receive internopportunities to experience just about all the levels of media, marketing, public relations, design as well as business management available in our industry market.  We regularly work directly with radio, print, media, traditional and nontraditional marketing representatives for our clients.  With our company you will gain experience when interacting with several professional network groups we manage in the community, training seminars in-house as well as at the local colleges we conduct along with building and implementing strategic marketing plans.      

This is an unpaid training internship that will bring you tremendous on the job training value and a skill-set that is used in today’s media and business growth services industry.  There will be commission opportunities for the right intern that is willing to take the skill-set learned with our company to gain new clients in our community. 

If you are interested in interviewing for one of the positions available, please visit our Intern Application page. 


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