Circle of Excellence

COF LogoAs business owners and CEO’s we are responsible for the profitability -motivation – the success of our company. But, all the responsibilities can sometimes leave a mark that if not countered will drain our ability to keep moving forward & sap our motivation. Entrepreneurs & business owners are a special breed that expend a lot of energy. This energy has to be refilled for us to keep on our accelerated growth track!

Things happen in business that can only be understood by those walking our same path. Who answers those tough questions? Who pats you on the back & says well done? Who holds you accountable? Who tells it to you straight so you can make a better decision in business?

This monthly group will once formed, will meet going forward each month for three hours for the professional & personal benefit, value, productivity, and to recharge! You will get all that and so much more from being involved in our meetings as they will leave you filled up and anticipating the next meeting! During the inaugural meeting, we will break out for you all the benefits and what will be included each month for you.

  • Tough questions answered every meeting!
  • Recharging your drive and ambitions!
  • Support structure designed for results!
  • Quarterly guest speaker – chosen for their extreme value, insight and skill set all to help you be the best you can be!
  • Mindset techniques and accountability!
  • Result orientated agenda!
  • Think-tank idea enabling sessions!
  • Cognitive support for accelerated growth!

All this and so much more will be brought to you in the group ‘Circle of Excellence’.

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