Business Groups

money-backgroundBusiness groups are created and managed by Answer Marketing Inc a business acceleration firm located in Bay County, Florida.  


Maybe you have built your company from the ground up and are looking for like-minded professionals. Or it might be that you have guided an enterprise through a risky transition and are seeking a network of lions that understand. It could also be that you have already made a mark, but you’re seeking more: A bigger impact. A trusted peer group. A stronger foundation. New wisdom. Inspiration.

Some of these groups are; The S.M.A.R.T. Team, Circle of Excellence, Alpha Squad, A-Team County-Industry Exclusive Power Connectors.  

Prior to building groups, we were traveling out of the area even out of state to find groups/events that met the needs we were searching for.  Even with the travel 99.5% of the events we attended still left us with the need for more.  We found that you had to spend over $1,000 a month for ‘the rest of the story’ when attending.  The promise of all your questions answered and all the support you needed was, in fact, a tier program where the answers had an additional fee.  Now while we are all about making money and enjoy helping our clients get paid for their value we felt it would be beneficial to be able to join a group knowing the costs up front and the full benefits.  

If we join a group that says, “Being a member, you will receive weekly growth opportunities and all members will benefit from the accountability of the program.”  Would you expect it to have additional fees to keep leveling up or to gain additional benefits? Not, unless it states it from the beginning… At least that is how we felt.  Our groups are built for value and the fees do not cover only a basic benefit – as members all benefits offered are available for the fee stated from the beginning.  Not only do we keep our promise of the original value, we are constantly trying to add more and not raise the cost!!  

We can explain all the benefits, but we would rather you experience them for yourself. The first visit to any of our groups is free – but we warn you to be prepared and BRING business cards. We do business here! 

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