“Since starting my business relationship with Answer Marketing, I have had the exposure needed along with hard work to grow my base income over 2000% since December 2014. Kristi Kirkland’s ability to get your business seen is incredible. I work hard and cold call 100’s of business owners and when they say I have seen you on FB, Google, Linkedin..etc it makes the conversation so much nicer. Thank you Answer Marketing for getting me out there!” Jennifer Burke – CPay of Panama City
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Answer Marketing analysis for 2017 is that companies looking to increase profit margins are going to be transitioning and daring to go from being valued to being loved. Creating an emotional connection is where it will be at in 2017.
Look to be creative, daring, learn quickly, be more social, take faster action and make sure to articulate with your customers. Businesses will need to choose their media outputs carefully and offer consumers a value experience. Salesforces will need to know how to safely and professionally engage key social media tools and tell the companies story. The move is coming and coming fast – those that know how to connect-communicate in person the same as online will lead the way. Social media marketing is going to leap into the hands of the employees and companies need to provide continual training to enable this transition. Employees most valuable to companies will be the ones that can handle the balance of on-line and in-person consumer experiences. ~Kristi Kirkland 

Why Business Acceleration: Because access to extreme finances, the perfect strategy, or even the best technology are not plateauenough to give you the ultimate competitive advantage. Nothing is more powerful than the fluidity of the rare and invaluable actions of a positive team & visibility! Even single owner businesses can have a team…

ASK YOURSELF: Do you ever wonder why your staff only gives just enough or even less than what is asked of them? Have you worried if you leave for a few days what will be on your desk when you return? If you left on vacation would your office run the same? Does your staff understand & value your business you are growing? Do you feel your staff has your back? Does your company function fluidly? Do you feel like there’s never enough time in the day? Is everyone in your company bringing a value? Is there anyone in your company getting you connected to your community? Do you run your company or does it run you?

YES – these are sometimes hard questions we need to ask if we want to take our companies to the next level!

Community recognition as no company represented in this business acceleration program is accepted without qualifying. In order to receive the full VIP business acceleration service, each company partakes of a ‘circle of excellence’ qualifying process. This includes online and in-house company representation review, staff review, products or services review, customer service review, company motto, and more. After completed you will get either a seal of excellence or a print out with a strategic plan how to achieve this level of quality that we will help you achieve.

SESSION DETAILS: Training courses that will be brought to your staff in a way that will improve their mindset and cause ‘AhHaa’ moments – creating a profitable platform of energized performance! As we progress in this program other subjects will be added based on need or any aspects to target you provide.

Whether you are a new business or one that has stalled out, our proven techniques will provide you with a successful solid platform to expand your customer base from.  (Step Two) Comes in the way of online and community visibility services! Call us for a consultation & details about this vital step to your success!

**Advanced Program: We will take 1 – 5 of your staff (dependent on company size) and provide real technique training to enable them to help your company handle their online and community presence. This is a tiered program, in the beginning, we will set up or make sure your existing platforms are set up for the best results.  We will supplement your content marketing until your staff is adequately trained to manage it.

Contact us for a personal consultation on how this program can work for you!

It’s time to take hold of your future and the success that is waiting for you!

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