A-Team Walton County

PC 2015We Are A-Team!  The ONLY Power Connector Team in Walton County!
Industry – County exclusive team of professionals that understand that building relationships are the foundation for a successful career and lifestyle!

Maybe you have built your company from the ground up and are looking for like-minded professionals. Or it might be that you have guided an enterprise through a risky transition and are seeking a network of lions that understand. It could also be that you have already made a mark, but you’re seeking more: A bigger impact. A trusted peer group. A stronger foundation. New wisdom. Inspiration. That is the A-Team!


Time: (Open Networking 7:45am) Meeting: 8am – 9:30am

Location: Good News United Methodist Church 4747 US Hwy 98, Santa Rosa Beach Good News United Methodist Church32459 (Main building – 2nd-floor past library – follow signs to meeting room)

Please join us, we’re READY for you!!
What is the A-Team? Well, think of all the times when you had a meeting with a client and all the pieces just fell into place. We create those moments weekly for all our power connector members! Now throw on top of that massive PR – Social Media exposure – Testimonials that get blasted out! This is a small part of what you will experience in the Walton County A-Team!
If you are looking to join a Networking group that is making it happen or just wanting to connect with businesses that are eager to do business with you, we invite you as our guest!! This is not like traditional ‘network’ groups, we have so many extra benefits given to our members including free PR that you have to experience it to understand.

Come join us at 8 am – 9:30 am and make sure to bring plenty of business cards we do business here! Seating is limited so please RSVP which date you would like to attend as our guest & we will have a seat reserved for you!Walton County A=Team Power Connectors

Meetings Sponsored By
Answer Marketing Inc
We gather together with the desire to meet, connect, refer, grow, teach, profit & enjoy entertainment through our friendships both inside and outside our Team meetings. To strengthen our relationships with the goal of becoming a leading force of professional industries in Walton County~

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