Kylee May

FullSizeRender“Harlequin Hatchet” (nom de plume) also known as Kylee May is a recent addition to the AMI team. She brings a wealth of talent with her writing skill set. Aiding in our client needs as well as for Answer Marketing’s editorial publications. Currently a home schooled, we are constantly impressed with her abilities and always looking for more ways we can utilize more of her natural gifts!
Kylee May is an up and coming freelance writer who has just recently begun her journey into career writing. She has mainly written press releases, articles, on local events and people. Starting her second semester of high school Kylee is a home-school student with Florida Virtual School. She felt socially disconnected from her peers in High School and wanted to move at a faster pace than what was seemingly available in public schools.Kylee Mae1
Adjusting well to the new environment and soon founding herself several months ahead of regular high school students. Kylee then had the chance to start her writing career. At 15 she is a published writer and has had the opportunity to meet and work with new influential people who share Kylee’s passion for the written word. Kylee plans on obtaining a bachelor’s degree in English and becoming an editor or a full time writer. Excited for where her life is going and looking forward to make many connections with more great people.
In between turning in assignments and writing articles she likes to read and collect books and comics. She is often found scouring the internet for a new comic series or reading a new novel. On days when she is off of school she usually joins her mother on business trips and outings.
Kylee is one to watch and too watch closely as she grabs her future with both hands embarking this new found freedom to soar!

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