Kristi A Kirkland

AMI PF15Kristi Kirkland, Mother, Wife, Writer, Teacher, and Entrepreneur began her career in marketing & as a business needs troubleshooter over a decade ago working for a multi-billion dollar company out of Atlanta, GA as a new property acquisitions team manager.  While there she learned all aspects of a business’s growth needs from the purchase to the occasional selling of a business including understanding P&L’s, staff training, team support techniques, market profiling, sales strategies, client demographics, personality position matching and more.  She then later upon moving back to Florida in 2000, secured employment at a staffing office set up for the sole purpose of testing & matching the perfect personality & skilled staff for a Bay County company needing over 600 employees.  After that position was successfully completed she moved across several more businesses in Bay County aiding them in rapidly increasing their bottom line, improving their branding as well as their visibility standing in the community through the techniques learned from her time in Atlanta.  These real business applicable skills were more beneficial than all her college and technical school courses could ever impart.  Her love of digging in deep to the actual heart of a company and implementing procedures through skill training & team building techniques is what brought her to her final resting place as owner, entrepreneur of a business acceleration firm named Answer Marketing Inc.  ANSWER being an acronym for Adding Needed Solutions Working Every Relationship which is the building block of her company.

2015-01-23 16.59.27Kristi has accumulated over 45 certifications in media, marketing & business management.  She has surmounted over 5,700 hours of continuing education since 2015, not including the education received through her love of reading anything and everything she can get her hands on.  Her unique approach to business and learned skills combined with her genuine love of seeing others succeed in their career paths has her significantly qualified for the services she offers to businesses wanting to escape their current plateau and reach new heights.  As sales changed and Social Media – Internet Marketing burst onto the scene, she was amply able to integrate these new tools into her current marketing initiatives.

Over the past several years, Kristi has been honored with several awards & nominations including the Women of Distinction Business Award, BCCC Small Business Award, Small Business Award, Chamber of Commerce Apple of our Eye, Panama City Achievement Award, Power Connector of the Quarter, just to name a few.  She serves on several boards & has held memberships to groups like; Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Association of Professional Women, Emerald Coast Business Women, A-Team Power Connectors, Panama City Women’s Club, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary of the Emerald Coast, American Advertising Federation, Loyal to Local Group, as well as supporting several nonprofits.  She’s continually asked to consult as well as gets selected to beta test new features on multiple Social Media platforms like; Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more!AMI KK Quote5

In 2011, Kristi took the time to develop a whole new industry compiling her knowledge accumulated over the past 15 years into a company that would be able to help clients merge their concept into not only an online presence but also to have a matching professional presence through their services, products, and staff.  She knew that of all the businesses she helped build the ones with the most success and growth was due to the training provided by her services that created a cohesive team environment of staff positively invested in the company where they worked that matched their online presence.   She opened Answer Marketing in 2012 with the one thought to help even more businesses succeed by offering a complete business acceleration program accompanied by professional power connection teams she built that provided additional support foundation for those that displayed the business ethics she founded AMI on. Kristi has partnered with Gulf Coast State College, Bay Academies, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and other organizations to hold seminars teaching businesses about Marketing, Business Survival, and Social Media. As well, as offering to select businesses ongoing staff acceleration training designed to fill in all the missing elements for a company’s successful growth ability.

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