KaLynn L Townsend

KaLynn KaLynn Softball 4-10KaLynn brings a breath of fresh air to the offices of Answer Marketing with her professional relationship service skills and tasking talents she efficiently runs the administrative needs of AMI with a heavy dose of Southern personality.
Graduate from Deane Bozeman she went straight into the workforce eventually landing a career potential job at Bookit.com where she fulfilled a high energy demanding job in the customer satisfaction department. Once owner Kristi Kirkland of AMI was ready to start staffing her company she wasted no time in offering KaLynn the position of personal management assistant. KaLynn took to the position like a duck to water as the saying goes the rest is history.

Daily she adds to the value of Answer Marketing by providing customer services needs in a way that shines value on what we offer in the way of training programs for our clients.  Leading by example she greets everyone who walks through our doors with a fabulous smile and a ‘I can help you’ attitude!  Always on the look out for additional ways to improve what AMI delivers while maintaining her role as ‘Personal Assistant’ to the owner – she exceeds expectations time and time again.

Note from owner: “No, she is not for sell, I am keeping her and yes you would be hard pressed to duplicate her awesomeness. But, we do offer programs for that!” Kristi Kirkland

We invite you to stop in anytime and feel the red carpet treatment KaLynn offers to all who grace our lobby.

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