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2015-01-19 20.10.45Welcome to our available training opportunities page. Below you will find a collection of past seminars that we have provided to individuals, businesses, professionals groups, and communities.  If you are interested in attending or having our team bring any of these courses to your company or team – please reach out as we are always offering courses that sometimes do not get added to the website especially when they are filled as fast as they are created.

We have also given several of our training courses and seminars to professional groups and nonprofits for trade and on occasion no charge. If you have a request please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Due to our schedule always being planned out several months the early you can get your request in the more likely we will be able to accommodate.

Learn how to schedule like the pros! Yes, there are real techniques that will help you take back your day, life, workflow, and schedule. It is not another one of those dime a dozen suggestions that usually conflict with another technique for time management. We teach you going step by step how to start your morning, how to manage the three important segments of a work day, how to end the work day, and just as important how to find the time in the evening to recharge! The owner of Answer Marketing, a member of over 28 groups, a supporter of over 60 businesses, mother of five, grandmother of two, devoted wife and avid weekend hiker, blogger, swimmer, event speaker, book reader and more… She has no more time in the day than you do but finds a way to make it all work & yes, she enjoys her sleep! If you want to have it all sign up for her next Time is Available for All seminar and take back your day!

Introduction to Entrepreneurship
This is a 2-3 day course offering an introduction to becoming an entrepreneur. From moving out of the traditional job set up to start up of your own business! Includes what makes up a great entrepreneur, paths to ownership, solidifying an idea, idea to concept, understanding the market, advertising on a dime, customer relationships, financing a startup, business model, legal need to know, resources, motivation, SWOT analysis, and more!

Ultimate Professionals Training
You Asked for training and we listened! Welcome to the monthly ‘ULTIMATE PROFESSIONALS TRAINING’ opportunity! We will be offering a new 90-minute training each month for professionals looking for ways to increase $ucce$$ ratios.

FEATURING · Business Training · Social Media · Success Habits · Selling Secrets · Powerful Habits · Free Online Opportunities · Marketing for Profit · Building Your Business · Power of The Pen · Art of Sales Seduction · AND MORE!

FaceBook 101 – For Beginners
Follow Who?! Like What?! Share Where?! Post How?! Learn the difference between a personal page & a business page. Plus, what they can do for you and your business. You will learn in this course about privacy settings, how to build a page, social media etiquette & more!

FaceBook 2.0 – For Advanced Users
Take your business page to the next level. Learn how to post correctly (yes, there is a right & wrong way if visibility matters to you!), be seen, connect, tag, link, share and many other FB techniques. You will learn in this course about business settings, banner size, get a custom banner for your page, how to expand a business page, build a group, FB professional etiquette & so much more!

Smart Logo2015RUN Social Media
Learn how to run Social Media and not the other way around! ROI Tracking and focused social media marketing. It’s the must-attend seminar if you want to know about managing your time and results on Social Media!

Dynamic Selling
Ever wonder how some people just seem to always get testimonials, referrals, business, and great connections? AMI is going to be presenting a once in a lifetime seminar that will tell you their secrets! We put these techniques into practice and then have to stop doing them so we can get caught up on the new business!! It’s true and for the most part, it has nothing to do with pitching your product. We are going to tell you what to say, how to engage in conversation with anyone, how to conduct the first meeting, how to follow up, how to close without ever asking for the business, even how to write a thank you card! Yes, it all matters even down to the color of the pen you use! After this seminar if you use the techniques we will teach you there will be no limit to your growth. This seminar is usually reserved for the participants of our 6 week Sales Track Training Course but ONCE a year we offer it in an independent seminar.
Included with Course: 30-minute consultation, Guide booklet, and 2 weeks of phone or email support while you engage in the techniques you learn! (A $175 value)

$mart $ales Marketing Course
Another how to Course for businesses wanting to boost their $ales! Learn the 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing How to boost your following Five (5) How-tos of Engaging your Followers Ways to Energize your sales and more… In the dawning era of Social Media Sales, this course will help steer you towards better connections, more sales & help you avoid the pitfalls of the internet world.
Bring: Laptop with Wi-Fi ability Class Size: LIMITED due to class interaction & actual on-line training
For interest in this course please fill out the form below or contact us.

Leadership Training
Great leaders are individuals who are passionate about and confident in the work they do, and they inspire others to do so in the process. Our Leadership Training courses extend from corporate training and team building to improving the leadership qualities within each individual. Our courses are custom designed around your needs & industry. We work with you and your company to provide a customized course to promote through positive structure leading to business growth and making strong leaders for a better business future.

Motivational/Production (For Your Staff)
Another how to Course designed for putting the energy back into your staff & designed for businesses wanting to boost their $ales! This is a course design to provide the energy back into your team. It is designed for all levels of staff as every member of your business team is in their own way a sales person – directly or indirectly & their attitude reflects a businesses ability to prosper. (3 sessions – 90min each)

Harnessing the Power
Harnessing the Power of Todays Social Media ~ Follow Who? Tweet What? OMG! Learn the difference between Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In and how they can all work together for you and your business. You will learn about privacy settings, how to set up your accounts, social media etiquette and more…

Marketing 101 – what you need to know in the beginning; Clear goal setting, branding basics, customer frame of mind & methods of marketing (3.5hr course)

NetWORKing – Need to know how to get the most out of ‘working’ a Social Event and still have fun? There’s nothing more satisfying than to attend a networking or social event ~ have fun… AND make business contacts! Learn what to do Before, During and After as well as how to set appointments for success! (2.5hr course)

You Want Me To Go Outside? – Sales are no longer only about waiting by the phone for the customer to call or walk in your door.  Learn what to do to strengthen your outside sales techniques and boost your sales. Which groups to join and why plus 10 must ‘Do’s in outside sales and more.  If you have hit a slow point or were inside sales and now have to generate your own sales this course is for you! (3hr course)

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget – Just starting out? Marketing is one of the most valuable make or break tools a small business needs.  That doesn’t mean you need the budget of Nike or Coke-Cola when you begin but you do need to market.  Let me show you how to get more for less! (2.5hr course)

Want to be Irresistible? – Who doesn’t? In this course learn how to make your business irresistible to the media!
How to Build relationships
What to do before the Pitch
Making the Pitch
Reporter Hook & Bait
Become a Favorite Source
Do and Do Not of Pitching your story

Apps – Apps & More Apps: Everyone loves to recommend the next shiny App of the month but are they getting the best use? Join us and find the App that helps you and stick to it.  Ten need to know Apps – what, where, why and how to use them to make your professional life easier.

Content Marketing Bootcamp – Why Content Marketing Fails for most and how to avoid it failing for you. Content marketing is ‘IT’ – the end all be all in advertising.  If you aren’t doing it and doing it right you are just talking to the preverbal Social Media Wall… When done right, content marketing is the rising tide that lifts the SEO ships! (2.5hr course)

Going Viral – Creating a campaign that goes viral. Learn the steps needs to take your campaign to new heights! Creation of a concept, planning, creation, sharing, aligning for strength, cultivating your audience and finally SUCCESS! (2.5hr course)

The Art of Self-Motivation – Face it we all wish we had a little cricket on our shoulder whispering things we needed to hear to keep on the right path but Jiminy Cricket is only in the story books – or is he? Self-motivation is not only a highly needed skill for 99.9 of us it is within your reach. Join us and learn how to keep your motivation batteries charged! (2hr course)

Doing Digital Right – Join us and learn how to create your own digital marketing plan. Without one you may as well drop flyers from a plane and cross your fingers they will land on your ideal clients. This course involves how to planning, situation analysis, objective setting, strategy, tactics, actions, and controls. Includes a digital marketing template! (3hr course)

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